How JSN Janitorial Services got started.

Jeff Voigt began working in the janitorial field in 1990 for ABM Janitorial Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After working as a general cleaner for several months he was promoted to utility (cleaning carpet, waxing floors, etc.) and finally to supervisor. In 1994 He became a Project Manager (ABM) at Kinnard Financial Center and eventually Pillsbury Technology Center, both in Minneapolis. In 1997 Jeff moved to Austin, Texas and was offered the job of Operations Manager for ABM, a position held until 2002. After ABM Jeff began working for Texas Urban Enterprises (Waco, TX) and later Capital City Janitorial (Austin, TX) as Operations Manager. In 2007 Jeff was offered an Executive Manager position with Interstate Building Maintenance overseeing the Austin & San Antonio markets. In 2008 Jeff was transferred to Denver, Colorado and promoted to Branch Manager for Pacific Maintenance Company, Interstate's parent company. Finally in January 2010 Jeff resigned from Pacific Maintenance Company and  returned to Texas to form JSN Janitorial Services. 

JSN Janitorial Services is named for Jakob, Sabrina and Nena Voigt, the children of Jeff and Maggie Voigt. We are a family based company where every employee is a valuable part of our team.


This page was last updated: November 29, 2018
JSN Janitorial Services
JSN Janitorial Services has serviced our facility for almost 2 years. Jeff has been very professional. Service has been great.  When we had a special situation arise, he and his team stepped up and provided excellent results.  If there was ever an issue, it was addressed and resolved immediately.  It was a pleasure working with Jeff and his team and look forward to another opportunity to do so!  
- Shannon Spilman, Thompson Media Graphics